And we're....Live!

Paul Rishell and Annie Raines’ first live album, A Night In Woodstock, releases today as the flagship recording on their Mojo Rodeo label, distributed worldwide by Burnside Distribution. The album features special guests John Sebastian (harmonica), Bruce Katz (keyboards), Reed Butler (bass), Chris Rival (guitar), and Billy MacGillivray (drums) joining the duo for an eclectic, high-energy set of acoustic and electric originals and classic blues songs.

The recording came about as part of a footage-gathering mission for the jug band music documentary Chasin’ Gus’ Ghost. Director Todd Kwait had heard Rishell and Raines play in John Sebastian’s J Band and wanted to film the duo playing behind Sebastian. As it happened, the Rishell/Raines band was scheduled to play in a roadhouse in Woodstock, New York that same month. The album’s liner notes tell the story of how this under-the-radar gig evolved into an all-star blues variety show. In early 2009, A Night in Woodstock will be released as a DVD with extra songs and features.

About the Artwork

Maggie Zander, a folk artist from upstate New York, created the dollhouse model and miniature props for the album’s cover. The steps, porch roof, shutters, lights, chimney and smoke are fashioned from new and vintage guitar and harmonica parts contributed by National Reso-phonic Guitars and Hohner Harmonica Co.

About Fritz Richmond

Fritz Richmond grew up in Annie’s hometown of Newton, Mass, and gained national cult status in the 1960’s as the washtub and jug player for the Kweskin Jug Band. He was also a recording engineer for Elektra records and one of the primary muses for the Lovin’ Spoonful and later a core member of John Sebastian’s J Band. He was interviewed extensively in Chasin’ Gus’ Ghost shortly before his death from lung cancer in 2005. The CD and DVD of A Night in Woodstock are dedicated to his memory and his legacy of preserving and championing African-American and old-time folk music.

About Mojo Rodeo

Paul Rishell & Annie Raines founded Mojo Rodeo Records in 2008 to launch A Night in Woodstock and lay the groundwork for future recordings. Raines came up with the name to describe a hybrid of blues and country music. Planned releases on the label include the DVD of A Night in Woodstock in 2009.